CEO and co-founder

What's your secret sauce for building a great team?

Trust and fairness. In a creative industry like software we cannot control and measure team members with traditional management methods. That's why we have to trust that everyone is contributing their best work. At the same time we have to be frank and fair, if someone is not – and help them to do better.

What’s your favorite ritual or meeting in your team?

Random check-in questions. I found questions like “What school subject is your favorite?” or “What fictional world or place would you like to visit?” to get the team into an excited state, in which the meetings are a lot more productive (and fun). Also, the answers can get really deep, and the bonding within the team gets a lot stronger. We have a free App for Confluence that generates the check-in questions.

What motivates you to work as a leader / entrepreneur?

For me, the most rewarding thing as a leader is to see people grow — and contribute to their growth. For example, one of my best moments as a leader was when a colleague, who had switched roles from engineering to product management 2 years earlier, shared with me that he had seriously questioned if software was the right industry for him – and that he had finally found his calling in product management at K15t.

What quote or saying has stuck with you?

"Tell me and I forget, teach me and I remember, involve me and I learn." by Benjamin Franklin. — I have to remind myself about this quote every time, when I want to achieve real change and the process is stuck. In most of those cases, more involvement is key.

What book do you recommend the most?

One of the most influential book for me was 'Reinventing Organizations' by Frederic Laloux, because it describes a new, more soulful and purposeful organizational model. And provides proof that there are small and large organizations who use this organizational model.

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What quote or saying has stuck with you?

"Most People Won't" by Bryce Roberts. It's such a simple yet powerful idea. Most people will talk about their ideas, but not bring them to life. Most people want to reach out, but most people won't. Most people will never overcome their blockers - so the ones that do have all the power.

CEO and founder

What should leaders understand about their own role and responsibility?

Trust is foundational. Onboard the right people, have trust in their skills to do the right things. Align them with the mission & support them on their journey. As you lead more people, operational task is not your job anymore. Learn to delegate early.

CTO & Co-Founder

What personal habit or behavior has shaped you as an entrepreneur?

In conversations with other entrepreneurs, I always try to be honest, humble, and inquisitive. Only then can I receive good experiences from others as a gift.


What quote or saying has stuck with you?

If you don’t ask, you don’t get.” How often do we NOT get the engagement we want, because we have NOT asked for it?

Author and Engagement Coach