Author and Engagement Coach

What quote or saying has stuck with you?

If you don’t ask, you don’t get.” How often do we NOT get the engagement we want, because we have NOT asked for it?

What's your secret sauce for building a great team?

Very clear goals. Even clearer roles. Imagine your team is a sports team, and each of you has a different position on the pitch. That level of clarity about what each person does is the key to the best teams.

What personal habit or behavior has shaped you as a leader / entrepreneur?

Every week I stay in touch with people from my life. I never have a meeting and then forget the person. I stay in touch with people for decades.

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What quote or saying has stuck with you?

"Most People Won't" by Bryce Roberts. It's such a simple yet powerful idea. Most people will talk about their ideas, but not bring them to life. Most people want to reach out, but most people won't. Most people will never overcome their blockers - so the ones that do have all the power.

CEO and founder

What should leaders understand about their own role and responsibility?

Trust is foundational. Onboard the right people, have trust in their skills to do the right things. Align them with the mission & support them on their journey. As you lead more people, operational task is not your job anymore. Learn to delegate early.

CTO & Co-Founder

What personal habit or behavior has shaped you as an entrepreneur?

In conversations with other entrepreneurs, I always try to be honest, humble, and inquisitive. Only then can I receive good experiences from others as a gift.


What’s a guiding principle that informs the way you build and run your business?

Going the extra mile. This principle encourages professionals to create work that exceeds expectations.

Serial Entrepreneur; Managing Partner & Founder
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