What motivated you to become an entrepreneur?

I visited so many really bad sales trainings, so I decided to start a company to offer sales training that actually makes people sell better. Also I am slightly hard to manage, so an independent role suited me much better than enterprise ;)

What should leaders understand about their own role and responsibility?

When I understood that I need to explain the outcome, not the path… things changed.

What personal habit or behavior helped you accelerate your personal growth?

An endless curiosity for new things. Sometimes this is distracting, but more often it helps gain new perspectives.

What's a question you like asking — yourself or others?

I love to ask people WHY they did things. Occupation, decisions to move or stay etc. Some decisions seem strange from the outside, but once you know WHY they made those decisions… you know them.

What’s an important guiding principle that informs the way you build and run your business?

We always ask ourselves: Does this decision lead to a) more revenue b) happier customers or c) does it make us happy? If the answer is yes to one of these questions, we do it.

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What was a pivotal moment where your business made a big leap forward?

When the Kirby team turned into shareholders in our new company. The feeling of owning the company together as a team had a huge, positive impact on me.

Kirby CMS

What do you wish you had known 10 years ago?

I wish I'd understood that a product doesn't need to be perfect; it needs to be simple, user-friendly, and most importantly, you have to sell it.


What do you wish you had known 10 years ago?

To see the projects as what they are: projects, not a part of my identity. To manage my energy better and not follow the hustle harder myth for too long. Building a company from scratch is a marathon, not a sprint. To listen and to trust my gut feeling/intuition more.

Yoomind GmbH

What quote or saying has stuck with you?

"Most People Won't" by Bryce Roberts. It's such a simple yet powerful idea. Most people will talk about their ideas, but not bring them to life. Most people want to reach out, but most people won't. Most people will never overcome their blockers - so the ones that do have all the power.

CEO and founder