Founder and Executive Director
Habitual Roots

What motivates you to work as a leader / entrepreneur?

My values. I want people to feel heard, understood, and supported. Through my experience in life of not having this in moments when I needed it and knowing I can help others feel this way, it's inspiring. I also know that it doesn't take much, it's just showing someone you care a little. And it turns out that I do.

When times are tough, who or what is an anchor for you?

My network. I have a wonderful wife, a best friend, some really close friends, and a fulfilling spiritual relationship. Depending on my needs, I know I can call upon any or all of these, and do so often.

What's a mistake that you're happy you've made?

Judging others. At certain points of life, you feel like you know so much and have all the answers, when it turns out you're wrong. You don't have enough information to make these conclusions and your solutions aren't going to work "just like that." Messing up like this has allowed me to listen first, have compassion, and ask question after question. I want to get as much of the picture as I can before diving in trying to problem solve. I will always be working on this and can say I'm able to build better relationships, truly help, and gain new perspectives in the process.

What's a question you like asking — yourself or your colleagues?

"Is this in alignment with the bigger picture/ your needs / ...?" — This question allows me to keep a conversation on topic, understand what my teammate is thinking/seeing/feeling, collaborate, and get a real gauge on a situation. I learn more about potential clients, issues, expectations, and get a ton of new ideas from simply asking this question.

What’s an important belief / a guiding principle that informs the way you build and run your business?

My current favorite is to honor your f¢# yeses. If it's not a f¢# yes, it's a hell no. This will keep you from chasing things that you feel you "should do" and keep you on track to do the things you know that are right for you.

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What quote or saying has stuck with you?

"Most People Won't" by Bryce Roberts. It's such a simple yet powerful idea. Most people will talk about their ideas, but not bring them to life. Most people want to reach out, but most people won't. Most people will never overcome their blockers - so the ones that do have all the power.

CEO and founder

What should leaders understand about their own role and responsibility?

Trust is foundational. Onboard the right people, have trust in their skills to do the right things. Align them with the mission & support them on their journey. As you lead more people, operational task is not your job anymore. Learn to delegate early.

CTO & Co-Founder

What personal habit or behavior has shaped you as an entrepreneur?

In conversations with other entrepreneurs, I always try to be honest, humble, and inquisitive. Only then can I receive good experiences from others as a gift.


What quote or saying has stuck with you?

If you don’t ask, you don’t get.” How often do we NOT get the engagement we want, because we have NOT asked for it?

Author and Engagement Coach